In order to reduce our clients rates liabilities we advise on the following areas:-

  • Rates Appeals as the Rateable Values are often too high we will examine whether or not your Rateable Value represents fair value. If not we can appeal against the level of your Rateable Value and lead all negotiations with the Valuation office. We have experience in presenting cases on behalf of our clients in Valuation Tribunal if resolution cannot be found through normal discussions.
  • Changes in your Environment Where there is a material disturbance to your business from external factors we can seek allowances to your rates. These factors may include roadworks/refurbishment/demolition/construction at a new development adjacent to your property or at your own property causing a detrimental impact to your business.
  • Part Occupied Premises We advise and provide savings for commercial premises that are not fully and only part occupied due to downsizing, seasonal and economic reductions in trade. This involves the application and completion of certificates to the relevant local authority.
  • Empty Rates Advice From April 2008 empty property allowances were effectively abolished and vacant properties are expected to pay business rates at the full occupied rate. We advise our clients how to mitigate their empty rates liability by utilizing various methods. These include deletion of the property entirely from the Rating List on the grounds of either disrepair, obsolesence and refurbishment work temporary or intermittent occupation plus occupations by charity or prevented by law.
  • Completion Notices on New Buildings We will examine and in some cases appeal against the commencement of rates assessments.
  • Rates Bill Audits For our clients we check rates demand, transitional relief calculations, effective dates and refund totals. Plus we also provide comprehensive savings reports and budgetary advice. We use Riverlake and Analyse rates software to ensure that we are providing accurate and up-to date liabilities to our clients.

For information about our specialist success-related approach to minimizing business rates liability and/or to arrange an informal no cost, no commitment meeting with an experienced rating surveyor, please contact us.